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What is Dimoda Style and Fashions: First Things First

2018-06-08 17:54:00 0 By: Antonio Times Read: 499

I want to personally welcome you to the Dimoda Styles and Fashions blog.  DiModa in Italian means in fashion, in vogue, or current, or modern. We aim to bring to you timeless styles and fashions for women (eventually for men and children) that are recognized around the world in eras past, and present as good looking.  Great styles and fashions don't get old and stale.  You will almost always look good in them.  How clothing fits and looks on your body is a very personal thing to most people. It's a fact that some styles and colors look really good on one person, but not so good on another.  What determines that? Mostly skin hue and tone and almost as important, body shape and size.   No clothing designer can ignore either of those factors, and no person should either.   Do you know whether you are a spring person, summer person, fall person or winter person?   Here we are talking about skin hue. I'll be posting a video to help you determine that shortly. Keep an eye out for it.   Are you an ecto-morph, and endo-morph or a mesomorph?  Knowing that is important when choosing patterns and colors.  Everyone is unique.  In future posts, I'll be getting into these things more deeply.  

Once again, thank you for visiting. I hope you will accompany me on my journey to make everyone the best they can be. 


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